Privacy Policy

BARBACANE INVESTMENT RESEARCH, hereinafter — «Barbacane», carries out all necessary measures related to the protection of confidential information in accordance with international standards and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Developed in the company organizational and administrative documents in the field of protection of confidential information cover all elements of the protection of confidential information provided by clients of «Barbacane».

Personal information is provided by customers of the company on a voluntary basis and can be changed (updated, supplemented, deleted) at their request.

As a user of the official website «Barbacane» (, the client provides the company with his personal data and gives full and unconditional consent to their processing, including cross-border transfer, exclusively within the framework of this privacy policy.

«Barbacane» does not provide confidential information obtained in the course of its activities on the personal data of customers to third parties, except as required by law of the Russian Federation, and uses this information only in the interests of the company’s customers.

Personal information may be transferred by «Barbacane» to partner organizations in order to make payments using bank (payment) cards, to improve the quality of service, the implementation of affiliate programs solely in the manner prescribed by the relevant rules and regulations.

Information about personal data may be transferred by «Barbacane» to the tax, law enforcement and other government agencies in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and within the procedure established in the company.

Personal data may be processed by «Barbacane» in the following ways:

  • mixed processing;
  • transmission over an internal network;
  • transmission over the Internet;
  • collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification);
  • use, transfer, blocking, destruction;
  • cross-border transfer.

Protection of information, along with the quality of services provided, is one of the main objectives of «Barbacane». In order to prevent unauthorized access, unspecified transfer of personal data to third parties, misuse of personal data of clients and other illegal actions of third parties «Barbacane» constantly improves organizational and technical measures to protect personal data of clients.

«Barbacane» reserves the right to make changes and additions to this privacy policy. New edition of the Privacy Policy «Barbacane» in the field of protection of personal data shall take effect upon its posting on the official website «Barbacane». To change, amend or delete their personal data client can use the contact information (phone numbers, mailing address) listed on the official website «Barbacane» in the section «Details».

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