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Founder, Portfolios and Strategies

In my 20 years in investment management, I have explored thousands of investment opportunities in private and public markets. Stocks, bonds, ventures, digital assets — this world is constantly changing, but always offers opportunities to those who have a systematic approach to analysis and transactions.

The profitability of the right choice is multiplied by trends and discipline. I can’t imagine life without movement and constant learning new things

Co-Founder Barbacane Crypto

In more than 12 years of experience in asset management, financial markets have attracted me the opportunity to receive positive returns, regardless of its conditions: no matter whether the market is growing or bearish phase, effective analysis and discipline allows you to get the most out of any situation!

My desire to lead my team to victory is also manifested in my hobby, I love playing soccer

Investment Analyst

In my youth I dreamed of having my own business, but after learning about the existence of the stock market I realized that it was possible to own a hundred businesses at once. My interest led me to Plekhanov Russian Economic University’s Master’s program in Financial Analytics.

In parallel with my studies I started working at a mutual fund management company, where I was involved in real estate projects, as well as investments on global stock markets. Growing passion for my work helped me to get my qualification certificate from the Central Bank and to pass the first level of CFA. I am passionate about yoga, drawing, love visiting new countries.

Quantitative Analyst

After I graduated from the physics department, I started to be interested in the stock market, and it came as a surprise to me how many different physical and mathematical models are used in it. While studying the market, I got a job at a private cryptocurrency fund.

I worked at Freedom Finance, where I created models based on machine learning to analyze the U.S. stock market, and for the last year I have been developing structured products at «Sberbank Life Insurance». In my spare time I travel in the mountains and go snowboarding.


The stock market fascinated me with the ability to understand many global processes: supply chains, macroeconomics and other global factors.

This fact awakened in me a desire to immerse myself in new technological trends, in particular in the crypto-world, which subsequently led me to the MIPT master’s program, where I study high-tech and venture capital. This focus helps me a lot when analyzing projects.

I actively follow NBA seasons and am inspired by old cars. In addition to technology, I love outdoor activities and design.


She graduated from UrSEU (Yekaterinburg) with a degree in International Business, and a master’s degree from the University of Greenwich (UK) in Strategic Marketing Communications. Engaged in attracting users from 40+ countries to the online marketplace, worked on the launch of the online store of one of the leading media resources in the crypto industry Cointelegraph. Led the strategy of developing digital marketing channels for the quest room franchise.

Analyst, cryptocurrency

While studying at the Finance Department of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, I became fascinated by the idea of cryptocurrencies and the decentralized Internet. Since 2016 I have been actively immersed in the topic of digital assets, I have experience of working in a venture crypto-fund.

Thanks to the gained knowledge I was able to increase the capital of my family many times over. I worked at «Open Broker», where I gained great experience in analyzing and evaluating assets from the classical financial world!

I like active hiking, skiing and I love to play chess