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Fears about the repetition of accidents like Fukushima are still forced by some countries to act carefully:

  • India, the second largest country in the world, hopes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070, but in 2021 only 3% of its energy balance accounted for atomic energy, while coal — 55%
  • Official alertness is caused by security consumptions and the alleged high cost, since technologies, equipment and fuel should be imported

Solar and chicken energy are perceived as safer, so there is a chance that they can increase the market share faster than atomic energy

The growth of the role of atomic energy is risks not only for those countries that use it, but can also threaten the safety of all mankind, because Not all countries comply with the terms of the contract on non -proliferation of nuclear weapons

  • In particular, Iran is engaged in the enrichment of uranium, which can potentially be aimed at creating nuclear weapons
  • North Korea openly develops nuclear weapons

Capital costs associated with atomic energy remain quite high-$ 4-5 billion per energy unit, so not all developing countries can afford the growth of the number of nuclear power plants

  • The construction of new power units is complicated not only by value, but also by the term — an average of 10 years

The influx of investment in uranium companies may not be so high, because most of them are unprofitable, and the increase in spotal prices for uranium does not affect financial results, because Industry standard — long -term contracts for the supply of fuel

The growth of bets in the United States, together with high inflation, will increase the cost of investment projects in the field of nuclear energy, making many of them unprofitable

Another factor complicating the development of atomic energy is geopolitics

  • Russia, France and the USA are the only countries that have an extensive examination for the construction of nuclear power plants
  • Therefore, any other country who wants to build a nuclear power plant automatically becomes dependent on specialists from Russia, France and the USA for a very long period

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