Discover the world of cryptocurrency:
practical skills and investment strategies

3 hours - answers to 100+ top questions with a personalized approach

This day will broaden your horizons

Only what's important and necessary

We'll share with you the results of thousands of hours of analysis of crypto projects and the world of digital assets
All the key practical points
We'll tell and show you what key applications and services you need to be practical and reduce risk
Investment solutions and portfolios
We will compose and discuss how to make investment decisions in the crypto world and how it will complement your investment portfolio
Cryptocurrencies are starting to be a fairly prominent part of today's financial system

More and more people are using cryptocurrency (stabelcoins) for payments and transfers

The number of crypto-projects is growing daily at a huge rate, it is becoming more and more difficult to understand the industry

The content of the seminar-consultation

Our team values your time infinitely and will do their best to give you the maximum of useful practical skills and valuable knowledge in 12 hours to start full-fledged interaction with the crypto-ecosystem: from basic operations to the first transactions.

The seminar-consultation is held in the format of a chamber seminar, which is attended by no more than 10 participants interested in the topic. There will be several members of our team who will be happy to help with other questions in the future as well.

Denis Strizhkov
Practice and life
Valery Senko
Portfolio management
Victor Fedyakin
Investment analytics

What you get:

Proven Practical Skills
The tools of the cryptomarket are unfamiliar to most, but are easy to learn and start using
Understanding crypto market mechanisms and relevant risks
The crypto market continues to evolve and every investor needs to understand it
A balanced investment approach
As in any investment, you must learn to analyze individual instruments and understand their place in your portfolio
key answers
practical recommendations
unique cheklists
investment portfolio

Discover the world of cryptocurrencies;
through practical skills and investment strategies

Discover the world of cryptocurrency: practical skills and investment strategies


Course fee: 50 thousand rubles

(in seminar format)

3 modules
4 hours
Price of the course:50000 

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